Soccer In The Park
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  • Soccer in the Park is back for a second year!

    We will be playing pick up soccer at Lakehurst Park. The Kids game starts at 6:30 pm, the adult/teen game starts at 7:30 pm. This is all non-competitive, pick-up soccer, meant to have fun and build skills for the kids, and allow the adults a way to get some cardio. Come Join Us June 6th - August 8th!

    Kids Game: We will do a little "skill building" session with the kids for the first 15 min or so, then we will break into games and scrimmage. The game starts 6:30 pm.

    Adult/Teen Game: This is a non-competitive way for adults and teens to get out and run around and play some soccer. We are looking to get out and "re-live the glory days" while doing some occasional cardio. Come Join us at 7:30 pm

Lakehurst Park Cleanup
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  • This is the group for the Lakehurst Park Cleanup's
Lawn Game Series
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  • This is a group for people who want to play Lawn Games in Lakehurst Park